What a start of 2020!

The year is only just 2 weeks old and we already achieved some great results in Portugal most prestigious dog show.

Results awarded by a specialist judge

It’s always nice the get these great results, but in this particular case the most important fact was that these results were awarded by a breeder judge who is familiar with the breed, and is a well-known successful breeder himself.

Enjoying at home

Shows are fun, shows are a nice, they are an add-on to the dog sport. But we must never forget, and keep in mind, that these shows are only a small part of this beautiful hobby. In normal life, the majority of the time we are at our homes, this together with our furry friends, and this is the place where we will enjoy them the most.

Looking back at 2019

2019 was a great year for us. More than satisfied with the development of our breedings from the year before. Besides that, we worked out some new exciting breeding plans which we can hopefully fulfill in the year 2020 and onwards.


2019 was as well the year that we have welcomed some new healthy USA bloodlines in our kennel. One of the ladies is Nicole. She has proven bloodlines which stand for health, sound structure, and good temperament. Bloodlines that definitely will supplement Old Hickory´s traditional type.

The legacy of Max

Within a few weeks it will be 5 years ago when Max, my father, and founder of our Old Hickory Kennel passed away. Its almost 5 years that I have not been able to ask him, to discuss with him, to share my excitement together with him, regarding our current generation of dogs. I am sure he would be proud that we continued his legacy that he and my mother left us! (At least that´s what my mother always says 😉 )
I repeat it over and over again. In all of this, and in my opinion, the most beautiful thing Max has left us behind, is that what we enjoy every minute of the day. Our dogs.
Let’s make 2020 at least as good as last year, and perfectionate even more that what Old Hickory started all back in 1987!

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