World Cup Argentina – A sequel in 2018


December 2018…..flashback to World dog show 2005, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Great memories.
For almost 13 years I had to listen about their first trip to South America. They loved it!
For Steffie and Max this was one of their most memorable journeys with their dogs.
Max actually wrote a story about this specific trip as you can see above.
But the thing is, the story actually never has been 100% complete. There was always missing something….


Passion for birds

The people close to my father know there was another passion in his life. Obviously first Steffie, but apart from the dogs he loved his birds. If he was not occupied with the dogs, Max could be found in the aviary, together with his little feathered friends.



Whilst they were visiting Buenos Aires in 2005, Steffie and Max fell in love with a handmade statue of a Toucan, this little statue was made of Argentinian precious stones. They had seen it in a small antique shop which was situated close to the entrance of the hotel they stayed in. Steffie actually still carries (in 2018!) the business card style entry key of their hotel room in her handbag.

To cut a long story short, they fell in love with this little statue and reserved it to take it back home. Because it was so delicate, Max and Steffie decided to pick it up, last moment, just before going to the airport, on their way back to Europe

Unfortunately, because of time pressure and afraid of missing their return flight, they never got around of picking it up.

Because listening to this story for over 13 years now, I am able to describe in smallest detail how that little statue must have looked like. They have been so specific about colours, size, stones that have been used that If I would see it, I will recognise it instantly.


Buenos Aires 2018

So, there we went. Mariela as a city guide (she is born in Buenos Aires) and me, armed with the entry card of a hotel room, we headed to the centre of Buenos Aires.

Antique shop found!

Taxi, walking, talking with a few people who know the area, we finally found the antique shop, almost exactly how Steffie described.

We spoke with the owner of the shop and we told her about the story of the little toucan…It felt initially all a little bit like looking for a needle in a hay stack. The lady of the shop walked away, and after 5 minutes she returned back to the counter.

We were speechless, we could not believe what we saw. There it was, Exactly as Max and Steffie described. After 13 years. A little beautiful Toucan, standing proud on its stone with its gold coloured little legs, it´s opaque light blue large beak and blue tail, and its brown reddish coloured body….there was no doubt, it must be “him”!


Circle complete

Almost Christmas, and it’s time to take you back “home” my little feathered friend…´

Time to complete the circle……

Love you …

The Toucan
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