Archive 2023

**Masha** xXx **Rocker**

Lucky number 9!

How we have been looking forward to this specific combination. Masha, our gem, this together with Rocker. An impressive successful male from the USA.

Where to start?! The 2 excellent types in terms of parents?! The bloodlines?!
Anyway, we have number 9 as a lucky number, so we have nonetheless welcomed 9 beautiful amstaff puppies!

Our thanks go out to Luisma & Lacey for allowing us to use Rocker.
What a pleasure it was to see these puppies growing up in our “Old-Hickory” kennel.

**Nicole** xXx **Trouble**

Icing on the cake!

And then we thought we would have had everything in 2023. It appeared not!
As icing on the cake, we have welcomed no fewer than 8 puppies from this ultimate dream combination.

As father, the currently most successful Amstaff active in the current show circuit: Trouble, and as mother, “our” Nicole.
Nicole has already clearly proven herself in our breeding program.

We welcome: Cindy, Ruby, Zorro, Stitch, Eros, Joker, Zoë & Bo.
The puppies have flown out to no fewer than 5 different countries. Success assured for these descendants in the near future.

And again, our thanks go out to Luisma & Lacey.
A combination that we only dared to dream of has become reality in 2023.
Come rain or come shine, for sure we will reap the benefits of this stunning combination already in 2024.


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