… the end of 2014, Max, my dad, asked me if I could possibly help him with renewing his Old Hickory website. 2 months later…on the 8th of February 2015 Max passed away…

His dogs were his life. Besides that, he always wanted to take it a step further.
His first website he was so incredibly proud of, but after 15 years he realised that time stood still on it.

Max and I talked the project through into detail, but unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to finalise this exciting project together. Now, a few years later, and now the storm lied down a bit, Steffie and I decided to do it anyway.
Maybe not as spectacular as Max had in mind, but still a website where you get a good impression of what Old hickory stands for and it gives you a bit of an insight into the ultimate passion where Max put all his time in.

Out of respect for Max, and obviously for Steffie too, we have tried to keep the text as original as possible.

For myself I see the new website as a tribute to the both of them.

However, most important, it is a form of appreciation for all they did for the American Staffordshire terrier in Holland and the rest of Europe.

It is a big thank you to the both of them. I feel privileged and proud I grew up with this beautiful breed….And I feel privileged to have learned the things I know from them…..and therefore a big thanks to both of you!


Signature Sven van Slijpe in foreword
Picture Max and Steffie in foreword
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