“Old Hickory” at its best!!!

The following is about world’s most prestigious dog show, the “Westminster” show in New York USA. A show with even more allure and more prestige than the European “Crufts”, which undoubtedly will come second best at this level.

Our kennel achieved a unique result, even when it comes to accepted European entries. Only even being allowed to enter a dog at this show is an achievement itself. Only USA champions are allowed. For 2005, the registration was already closed within 40 minutes of the start of it.
Initially, the organization invites only the most famous top dogs from each breed. The remaining places will only be available to other USA champions.

Now our result:

Multi champion Absolute Wild on Texas (our “Michelle”): Best Bitch and Best of opposite sex!!!

For the first time in the AmStaff’s history, a winning dog, owned and loved by someone from Europe is a fact! In this case “Old Hickory”. We did it again!!!

Judge: Mr. Jon R. Cole (USA). Judging was in Madison Square Garden (New York, Manhattan) on February 14, 2005, at 13.15. and this in Ring 2. The number of spectators at the event on February 14, 2005: 17,000!!!

Finally, every true lover of dog shows must visit this great event at least once in his or her life. A show you will never forget!!!
If you have in mind to plan something in the future, you can always consult us for tips (for example, keeping it affordable, etc.).

Absolute Wild on Texas in Westminster
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