In Memoriam



We are often asked what age our American Staffordshire will reach, or I should say, can he or she reach? Normally, we would say the average age to reach is around the twelve years old.
Currently, the oldest Old Hickory’s dog alive is heading up to 17 years old. This is, Old Hickory Mister Clancy. Aka “Oscar”. He is enjoying, together with his Dutch owners, the “sunny” life in the south of Portugal.
At the end it all depends on the genetic factors, the maintenance and the way of living of the animal.



There seems to be a big misunderstanding, and that is that a non-pedigreed dog will get older than the same type of dog with a pedigree. The fact is that the majority of the reputable breeders of these pedigreed dogs are a member of a specific breeder’s club. This is an association which demand specific health requirements with regard to the breeding of these type of dogs. With these requirements, we got to the stage that these pedigreed dogs are healthy and have a good temperament.


In Memoriam

We have decided to give this part of our website a different touch than we are normally used to. Normally, here you will find the pictures of the dogs that passed away, the-year-of-birth, and the year of decease. Normally you look at these pictures of the dogs, and a few seconds later, you move on, and scroll on to the next topic.

But there is more behind all of this. The period of time which you spend together with your dog, which is filled with joy, love, and pleasure…. but, unfortunately, there is as well another side of all these pleasures. and there is the possibility that “they” are just like us, humans, after a certain period of time, need more care, and in the worst cases there is a possibility that they have to deal with other physical health problems.

Situations, which are in contrast to the reality of our good old “Oscar”.

You will feel the gratitude of both the owner and the dog, in the following episodes.

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