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**Mandy** xXx **Osorio**

High expectations

Expectations were extremely high this year. A combination between our two-time European champion lady, and as a father, we used a well-known male, which has produced many national and international American Staffordshire Terrier champions.



** Toro ** is the name of this beautifully male that emerged from this combination.
Behind this unique male is a unique story. **Toro** was received with open arms in the family of Susanne Trimborn and Peter Rouschen.
This is where he can enjoy a well-deserved lazy life!We cannot wait to implement this beautiful bloodline in our future breeding program.

Click here for Toro’s pedigree.


Thanks to Juan Antonio Salamanca 

A Special thanks to Juan Antonio Salamanca, founder of the ** Cans Juansa ** kennel. For making Osorio available to us.


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