Tips regarding nutrition

Of course, the opinions on this subject differ from person to person, but our experience has teached us never to feed the dogs wet food. Our advice is therefore always to feed them as dry as possible. The dog’s stool becomes “hard” and it appears that the dog is “firm” in its skin, this is the result of dry food, according to us.

Recommended food

After years of experimenting and comparing different products and different brands, it is at the end the brand Pro-Plan that is strongly recommended by us.

  • PRO-PLAN OPTIPOWER (formerly PRO-PLAN PERFORMANCE): for young and adult AmStaffs. So only the OPTIPOWER / PERFORMANCE variety, nothing else. So, do not let yourself being talked into something else in the store!! In other foods or brands, there is a larger profit margin, and this usually plays a decisive role for the shopkeeper!!
  • PROPLAN OPTIDERMA (formerly PRO-PLAN “SALMON WITH RICE”): This food gives excellent results if there are any skin problem or when the dog is changing its coat, we as a breeder have got excellent experience with this variety.
  • PROPLAN OPTIAGE (formerly PRO-PLAN ADULT): This is specifically aimed at the older AmStaff.

In addition to the food mentioned above, we give our dogs the following every day:

  • SEA ALGUES WITH CAROTENE, (this for colour intensity and the coat, always ask for a barrel of 4 kilograms!)
  • ELDERBERRY-NETTLE EXTRACT (as well for the pigment. Always ask for a half a litre bottle of undiluted substance!)
  • SALMON OIL (As well for the condition of the coat. Ask a large 1 litre bottle / bus!)
  • BEE POLLEN (always ask for a 1 kg package!).

Never buy seaweed or the algae’s and the carotene separate and buy them already as a mixed product.
Never feed the dogs wheat germ oil, salad oil, olive oil or any other kind of oil. Only fish oil.

The feeding bowl

PLEASE USE IN HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE FEEDERS. Let the dog feeder go up in height together with the dog. If not, the pup does not get a nice neck and the puppy will look like a dog with little or no neck, or a very poorly shaped neck, which is not elegant. Besides that, the wrists of the dog will “sag”. The dog must remain on the floor with it rear legs while eating, and not with its front legs hanging in the food tray. So be sure to adjust the tray in the perfect position!

Always make sure that the above-mentioned seaweed or algae’s and the carotene sticks to the food. This is to prevent the seaweed with carotene filtering through the food so that it reaches the bottom of the bowl. The stuff will no longer be eaten by your dog.

Our advice is to add a small bit of tripe to the food, this to make sure that it all sticks. Our preference is to use the brand “RODI” for this. Never ever give “dirty” wet tripe from the butcher!!

As an alternative to make the other ingredients stick to the food is to add a little pate or you can use a tin like Pedigree Pal Puppy / Junior. Please again, only use this specific brand and don´t let you talk into other brands, we have good experiences with this brand.


Feed your AmStaff puppy twice a day. About 160 to 180 grams every time, depending on the age. Again: about. It’s just a guideline, it will be different for every puppy. Like humans, one type is getting fat far to easy, whilst the other can eat a lot without gaining that much weight. Experience will tell you, here in the south of Holland we call it “fingerspitzengefuhl”.

Excessive feeding can give a very bad back (dip in the back) and wrists which are not firm. And obviously inadequate feeding can give you a lean ugly Pitbull-like looking dog. The body of the underfed dog will adjust itself and in the future the dogs body wont absorb the nutrients anymore as it should do. You will have a problematic dog for the future in terms of model and weight.

The first week when the puppy is at your home, just give it dry food with some water. After the stress period, which is normally one week, slowly start with the seaweed with carotene and elderberry nettle extract.

A few weeks later, the salmon oil can be added.

If there are any questions or doubts please do not hesitate to contact us.

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