Puppy news

Small-scale breeding program

Our plan is that we will have one or, at its maximum, two litters with puppies available each year. If you send us an email or contact us by telephone, we can tell you if we currently have puppy’s available or we can inform you of the combination we have in mind for our next litter.

Medical information & pedigree

Nowadays all of our parent animals have been medically tested. Because of that none of our Old Hickory puppies will develop the disease Ataxia. As a further addition, the parent dogs will also be holding a MAG test certificate. Which means that the parent dogs are stable, reliable dogs.

The Old Hickory puppies will each receive a FCI pedigree as well as a European medical passport.
The young dogs will be treated against parasites at the age of 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks.
At the age of 6 weeks, the puppies will get their first compulsory vaccination. The puppies grow up all together in a homely environment to optimally develop their social behaviour.

Responsible dog ownership!

For our quality bred dogs, we require from you as a future owner “responsible dog ownership”.

Expected litters 2018 & 2019

We hope to welcome our new litter at the end of 2018. This will be a combination of bloodlines with many national and international victories. This will be a joint venture between Old Hickory and a well-known successful kennel from abroad.
Spring 2019 there will be the expectation that we will welcome a 6th Old-hickory generation.

Back to the roots

Our expectations are high for this combination because it will be a follow up on last year’s successful credo: “Back to the roots”
You can always contact us for detailed information.

4 puppy's in a row